3 keys to spirituality

The 3 keys to development and growth

We profess that as human beings, we are called to the highest summits. It is only with a high cost of sacrifice and a continual struggle against our tendencies of inertia that we are able to overcome obstacles, and to savor a lasting state of happiness and well-being.

The power to overcome obstacles leads to interior growth and maturity.

Close your eyes. Visualize within yourself three locked doors, leading towards infinity. We are offered access with three keys.




How do we allow our  being, to be touched by the Divine? How can we wholesomely convey the precious gift of life, which we have received? Our desire is to learn together, to render our lives a blessing and to infinitely glorify the merciful and loving Father.





How can we open our intelligence to rise above and beyond our senses? How can we open our hearts and make room to present ourselves as fit to receive the divine Spirit? We want to let the Unspeakable become words in us, let his active Word completely renew our understanding.





Love, confidence, joyful opening to tomorrow: how to acquire, attain and achieve a sense of completeness, fullness and human gratification, to which we are all destined? How can we avoid misleading shortcuts that lead us to irresponsible consumption, to a false sense of security and pleasures of the future?

We strive to find rest and enjoyment in the company of He who is, the only one who can make us a vivid reflection of His beauty.

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