Need a break ?

  • Reception facilities
  • Forest trails
  • Room for solitude stay
  • The pond in summer
  • Interior view of the chapel
  • BlossomPhoto: Mikaël Beauchemin
  • Single room
  • Geese on the pond of Tournenvert
  • The common room of the Sukkah
  • The quiet of the countryside
  • Spa and fireplace
  • The chapelOpen at all times
Reception facilities1 Forest trails2 Room for solitude stay3 The pond in summer4 Interior view of the chapel5 Blossom6 Single room7 Geese on the pond of Tournenvert8 The common room of the Sukkah9 The quiet of the countryside10 Spa and fireplace11 The chapel12
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A rejuvenating Holiday for those who wish to cool down and breathe

If you’re longing for a traditional lifestyle, described by words such as : taking your time, welcoming the humble life, raising your mind…

If your life is lacking excitement, if you want to learn from the lessons offered by each star, twig, insect and animal…

If words like sustainable development, fair trade and ecological vision resonate in you…

Experience the Tournenvert!


Two types of spiritual stays are available:



To Book

Contact us by phone or email 1 (450) 249-1036 Courriel


To ensure fairness, although the accommodation quality is excellent, Le Tournenvert offers stays accessible to every budget :

Not expensive, but how valuable for your well-being!

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Things to do in the surroundings :

  • Odanak Abenaki village and Native Museum – 5.5 km (11 min)  Museum’s website
  • Ferryboat “Vélo sur la rivière” (We are located on the bike path leading to it) – 3.2 km (10 minute ride)  See details
  • Alsiganteku – Adventure kayaking on Rivière St-François and Lac St-Pierre – world biosphere reserve – 6.2 km (12 min by car) Packages available
  • White geese observation site in Baie-du-Febvre – 17 km (20 min)
  • Lac St-Pierre observation trail : Les Passerelles of Nicolet – 35 km (40 min) Parc de l’Anse du Port
  • Ecologic marsh trail in Ste-Anne de Sorel – 43 km (56 min)
  • The Mondial des Cultures festival in Drummondville – 41 km (55 min)
  • Village Québécois d’Antan – 41 km (53 min) See details

With kitchenette and access to jacuzzi

One double bed and one single bed

More: one sofa-bed (where two children can sleep comfortably)


Informations: 1 450 249-1036  ou



227 people are already members of Peace Workers in Canada and around the world
Bulletin des Ouvriers de Paix mars 2013 (only in french)
To become a member of the corporation Workers Peace, please please complete the following form and send it to us.In a few days you will receive a confirmation of your acceptance email and the conditions of access to the section of our website for members only. 


Two possible formulas to choose from:

1. Tourism residence 4 stars: The heat of the South with all the comforts of North …              And mutual bonus …
Combine business with pleasure!

For one to six people, one price: $ 285 USD for a week, including accommodation and the services of an experienced cook who will introduce you to the flavors of Haiti. Prepare menus with it! (Expect your food basket cost you approximately the same price as in Quebec.)

Salon, cuisine complète, toilette eau courante, douche chaude, cour extérieure. Gardien sur place en tout temps. À 10 minutes à pied de l’orphelinat “Villa des Tournesols”

Living room, full kitchen, toilet running water, hot shower, outdoor courtyard. Keeper at all times. 10 minutes walk from the orphanage “Villa des Tournesols”

Special: Two weeks for only $ 420 USD! (Air Transport and travel insurance not included )


2. Staying at the same orphanage! Want to help more? This option is for you!

Price: $ 310 USD per person per week, room and board on site – Toilet and shower water available, dormitory





(To ensure the security of orphans, references may be requested)


Discover nearby Cavaillon safely, accompanied by our qualified guide

Cavaillon is a charming very safe town where you can travel alone (e) without fear day and night. You live 15 minutes by tap-tap (mini “bus” Haitian) from the sea you will find this magnificent fort St. Louis and all the beautiful beach of Port-Hi. Day trip to Ile-a-Vache boat, meals included: $ 70 USD per person.


Services you may visit the orphanage that you reside or not:
  • Household
  • Dishes
  • Toilet children, hair, nails, etc..
  • Pressing
  • Cleaning the yard and flat-band
  • Homework Help
  • Painting
  • Specific Skills: mechanics, sewing, etc.


We can help you organize your ground transportation to Cavaillon

  • Luxury bus Capital Coach Line directly from the airport in Port-au-Prince: $ 30 USD per person, round trip – Last departure from Port-au-Prince to 13h daily
  • Taxi and Bus Transport Chic Les Cayes: $ 20 USD for the taxi to the terminal and $ 10 USD for the bus to go – Last departure from Port-au-Prince to 16h
  • Private Car: $ 150 USD Port-au-Prince in Cavaillon


To request a reservation for a room, please complete the online (s) form (s) to:


→ If one or more people want to accompany you on this trip, please also fill out the form Group

You’ll discover :

  • Lome beaches and traditional ocean fishing techniques that have existed for centuries
  • The traditionnal skills of local artisans (pottery, basket weaving, traditional agricultural tools, rural settlements construction techniques)
  • The picturesque Akloa waterfall, the 987m high Mount Agou (the highest elevation of the country) with a hike to the peak through several villages and plantations
  • The Butterfly Hill in Kouma-Konda village
  • The fortification inhabited by a traditional people : UNESCO World Heritage site, the “Takienta” are remarkable from a conceptual and architectural point of view.
TakientaTogo ArbreTogo



The cost of living for the MICAH FARM responsible tourism trip is set at US$ 567 per person for 12 days, including ground transportation, meals, entrance fees to attractions, lodging and guide services.

Air travel and insurance are at your charge.

For a group of 3 or more, the fee is reduced to US$ 475 per person.


You’ll stay in small hostels, including showers with water bucket inside or outside the rooms. Room occupancy can be double or triple. The food consists of local and Europeans meals, simple but very tasty.

(Drinks are at the participant’s charge, and are not included in the amount paid.)

Transportation is served by mini bus. You will be taken over from your arrival to your return at the airport.


To request a reservation, please complete the online form(s) :


If one or more people want to accompany you on this trip, please also complete the Group form




Every citizen of the world who shares the ideal of responsible tourism in both North and South can participate. A very rewarding and affordable program. Click here for details about the tour destinations.


End in beauty with a visit to the Pendjari wildlife reserve in northern Benin,

with the possibility of participation in a 4X4 safari.

The Otel Popilè (Popular Hotel) of Kenscoff offers you an unforgivable stay!

The Otel Popilè is managed by Afe Neg Combite (ANC), cooperative of 5,000 farmers from Kenscoff.

Rates and conditions

Including half board (lunch at your own charge), accommodation and roundtrip to the airport. Air travel and insurance are at your charge.

One week:
  • For one person : $540 U.S.
  • For 2 people : $375 U.S. per person
  • For 3 people : $320 U.S. per person
  • For 4 people : $292.50 U.S. per person


Two weeks:
  • For one person : $750 U.S.
  • For 2 people : $585 U.S. per person
  • For 3 people : $530 U.S. per person
  • For 4 people : $502.50 U.S. per person

To know the prices for a larger group, please contact : Les Ouvriers de Paix


To request a reservation, please complete the online form(s) :

If one or more people want to accompany you on this trip, please also complete the Group form




Take off with confidence!

Kenscoff is a quiet mountain town, about thirty kilometers from Port-au-Prince

You will find among other things :
  • The typical Kenscoff market and other shops (drugstore, food, tinsmith, etc.) where you can find a thousand everyday products
  • The Godey village, hidden between the mountains and the beautiful Wynne’s farm  which overlooks
  • The baptist Mission Zoo of Fermathe and the nearby artists market where one can shop for beautiful sculptures and paintings – the Haiti Baptist Mission also includes a hospital of over one hundred beds; a greenhouse that products almost five million plantlets each year, distributed free to (by?) farmers; a restaurant, the Tea Terrace, frequented by city residents and a small history museum
  • The surprising Fermathe Art Gallery
  • The Fort Jacques, and right next, the fort Alexandre ruins
  • It is also possible to travel to Jacmel, right by the sea…


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