Code of ethics

We are currently working on the drafting of a code of ethics that can serve as benchmarks for those who engage in such a free priesthood. Here are the first elements:

  • God first served (Motto of Jeanne d’Arc, the virgin of France)

  • Serving one’s neighbor well, with care and respect, is also a way of serving God.

  • Always keep in mind that the diaconate is the foundation of the priesthood. If the service of the most disadvantaged comes to, concretely, disappear from the life of (the) priesthood, the priestly spirit will also be dislocated

  • A priest is first of all the one who stands in the presence of the Lord to offer to God the needs and miseries of those for whom he (she) is responsible, that is to say of all his entourage. . Through the Eucharist, he (she) lifts the world to God.

  • For the rest, seek to be a guide, for those around him – even more by his actions than by his words, by lavishing encouragement and support

  • Put in place structures and uses that promote the spiritual growth of each and everyone

  • Not to ask for any remuneration for his priestly service: “You have received free of charge, give free of charge. ” Mt 10.8

  • Knowing oneself to be fallible, fragile, while becoming increasingly aware of the power of God which is deployed in the very weakness of the instrument

  • Remain ceaselessly vigilant through fasting, prayer and personal training

  • Maintain a living and fruitful contact with other churches and Christian communities