Priesthood Without Borders

Priesthood Without Borders is an initiative aimed at renewing the priesthood by rethinking it in depth.

We want to maintain total independence from all political, economic, ecclesial and religious powers.

Resourcing Travel

For many people, the places where Christ was born and died represent sacred land.

We offer you a two-week discovery and healing journey in the land of Israel.

Le Chemin du Lac

Live an authentic experience in a country setting! Le Chemin du Lac will charm you with its warm and friendly atmosphere.

The countryside and all its freshness await you; take the path!

La Scola

La Scola is a new project that will take place by August 2022. We will offer a one-week stay with workshops (self-knowledge, principle of permaculture, etc.), conferences, community work time , sharing, listening, interior transformations and much more!

Vesmir - LARP

A LARP site in the heart of Center-du-Québec!

Come and experience a weekend in the medieval fantasy universe of Vesmir where you will meet elves, mages, goblins and other characters created by the participants.

* Only in French *