Priesthood Without Borders

PRIESTHOOD WITHOUT BORDER is an initiative to renew the priesthood by rethinking it deeply. To do this, we want to maintain total independence from all political, economic,religious and ecclesial powers.

An ecumenial priesthood, is it possible? We think so: since it remains seperate from the ecclesial or religious institutions.

Who can practice the priesthood? We believe the priesthood is a sacament, i.e. it is an expression of God’s precense among us, and therefore, disclodure or revelation of a God’s aspect. As such, like all sacraments, it must be granted to all men and women who sincerely desire it and who have demonstrated a real commitment to each other and to God, regardless of their status.

Who can confer the priesthood? It’s God who’s calling to the priesthood. It’s Him who sees the depth of each hearth. He selects and prepares whom He wills. Faith communities then have the responsibility to discern and ordain the called ones.

Stained glasses made by children; they are placed in the spotlight of the Ouvriers de Paix chapel’s front door

Read written by Johane Filiatrault and Jean Beauchemin founders of priesthood without border:

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