Questions about Priesthood Without Borders

Frequently Asked Questions:

Priesthood Without Borders is not an association of priests; however, we provide formation leading to ordination and seek to develop a network of mutual support among ourselves.

Our goal is to form priests who are free from all hierarchical structures and who are true leaders, capable of both autonomy and deep submission to the calls of the Spirit.

The only and necessary bond between us is the bond of charity. The only duty is to accompany each other through dialogue and concerted action, if necessary.

We offer distance training course (in form of work modules) combined with a preparatory stay for ordination (at the headquarters of Les Ouvriers de Paix, Quebec, Canada).

Distance training is free. The preparatory stay for ordination generally lasts three months and costs $380 per month, with room and board.

Any adult, man or woman, single or in a relationship, who has demonstrated a particular sensitivity to others, and a life of real and constant intimacy with God, and:

– wishing to go to the end of his baptismal consecration

– showing a great desire to put all of his person at the service of the Kingdom

– having sincere affection for the sacrament of the Eucharist

– capable of mercy and compassion

Very soberly, during a simple (but beautiful) sending celebration. The sacrament of Orders is conferred by the laying on of hands of the community present there (2 or 3 people are enough).

We also offer general theological training at distance. It is also possible to experience with Les Ouvriers de Paix a stay of personal and spiritual growth, or workshops of spiritual growth, iconography, or self-knowledge. We also offer weekends for couples and summer camps for children.